In a networked and connected world, businesses are vulnerable to cyber-attacks that can cause catastrophic losses. Increased remote work post-pandemic, over unsecured channels, has amplified this vulnerability manifold. Cyber risk is an unfortunate reality across industries that costs companies billions of dollars every year through data breaches, business interruptions, and the like.

There is an urgent need to protect your business against the impact of cybercrime and build cyber resilience. At Anand Rathi Insurance Brokers Ltd. we help you assess and evaluate your cyber risk exposure and help you get the appropriate risk coverage.

Our Offerings

Cyber Risk Consulting

Understand your risk exposure with our team of cyber risk consultants, and get the perfect coverage based on your risk appetite. Get a pre-risk evaluation perspective of your overall cyber security threat and existing cyber security controls. Understand the various costs/losses that you would incur in the event of a cyber-attack and quantify the value at risk with our in-house risk model. Cover any eventuality with customised wordings.

Get 24/ 7 X 365 access to emergency cyber-attack response specialists.

Our cyber risk consulting services:

  • Get a cyber risk assessment
  • Find out your cyber risk valuation
  • Get a draft of your cyber risk insurance policy
  • Get access to emergency response assistance vendors

First Party Coverage

Cover the loss and damages your business suffers from a cyber-attack or a data breach. These include costs and expenses for investigation services, business interruption loss, and data recovery costs.

Third Party Coverage

Cover damages that your clients or partners suffer from a cyber-attack on your business. These include legal fees, notification costs, regulatory fines & penalties, and media liability.

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Start the journey from liability to security

Claims Management

Get your due faster and with minimal effort

Affinity Solutions

Attractive solutions for your Affinity needs

Trade Credit

Transfer your third-party risks

Property and Engineering

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Get custom solutions for complex risks


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